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Queenswood Quarter Pretoria


Although small in scale, Queenswood Quarter is a key development for JLDesign. It speaks to our responsibility to design urban spaces that address infrastructure and special deficiencies as set out the South Africa’s National Development Plan. With the redevelopment and repositioning of existing buildings situated along the public road of Whittle Lane, the primary goal of the development is to create a glimpse of what an integrated city could be. This development, by virtue of the fact that it has taken custodianship of council property, creates a complete neighbourhood. A village-like, compact, mixed-use node, offering open, green, public space, a retail offering with key national anchor tenants, office space as well as small apartments.

Kudos to commercial developers who have seen the value in neighbourhoods integrated within cities, knowing full well that creating a better quality of life tends to create a virtuous cycle that attracts greater economic activity and investment, leading to the improvement of society as a whole.

Project: Queenswood Quarter
Typology: Mixed-use : Convenience Retail, Offices and Apartments
Size: 11 000 sqm
Location: Whittle Lane, Queenswood, Pretoria
Status: Under Construction
Year: 2018
Client: Dorpstraat